This web page serves as a resource for the American Chemical Society Southeastern Regional Meeting Board (SERMACS, Inc.). Formerly known as the Steering Committee, the Board selects the location of the Southeastern Regional Meetings, administers regional ACS awards, and provides guidance to meeting planners. Here you will find links to documents, meetings, and other SERMACS information. Please contact Melinda Box (SERMACS Webmaster) with your comments, corrections, or questions.

Rockin' in Memphis

SERMACS and the Southwest Region (SWRM) will hold a joint meeting in Memphis November 4-7, 2015. Located in downtown Memphis, this promises to be an exciting event.

  • Check the conference website www.2015sermacs-swrm.com for more information.
  • Questions? Contact Dennis Merat, the General Chair
  • The next Steering Committee meeting will be held at SERMACS/SERM 2015